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Jewelry Information Center

JIC.org is the online home of Jewelry Information Center (JIC), the consumer education arm of Jewelers of America, which is the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry retail marketplace.


Lake of the Woods

Established in 1935, Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods Summer camp provides a unique environment for campers to grow, make life-long friendships, experience new activities and develop a greater sense of self-confidence.


Adidas Basketball

“Basketball is a Brotherhood” aptly summarizes the team culture of basketball. It was also the key concept for the re-design of Adidas Basketball web site; the central hub of high-quality apparel, endorsed by top athletes who embody sportsmanship, professionalism, and the competitive spirit.


Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center brings you inside and behind-the-scenes of some of New York City’s most beloved treasures. Explore more and visit the seasonal highlights, outdoor gardens and historic buildings that give Rockefeller Center its diverse, dynamic flavor.


O. Magazine Online

O, The Oprah Magazine gives confident, smart women the tools they need to explore and reach for their dreams, to express their individual style and to make choices that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. With one of the most trusted women in America serving as the magazineˆs inspiration, O serves as a catalyst for transforming women’s lives.


Maria Sharapova

Tennis star Maria Sharapova has a lot going for her. At only 18 years of age she became the world’s highest paid female athlete and one of the hottest young celebrities in the world of sports.


Sessions With Cesar Millan

The Dog Whisperer

He captured the national spotlight when his National Geographic Channel (NGC) series ‘The Dog Whisperer’ premiered in September 2004. Regular viewers soon came to realize it wasn’t the dogs… but their quirky owners who needed Cesar’s help the most.


Eagle One

For more than two decades, Eagle One has been a leader in the development and manufacture of premium automotive appearance care products. The company enjoys a reputation for quality and innovation, especially amongst the most demanding ‘car enthusiasts’.


AOL Inside The Game

Inside The Game is the “crown jewel” of AOL’s Video Game content which includes exclusive online shows, celebrity interviews, user forums, community modules, news, reviews and ratings of blockbuster video games!!


AOL Live 8 Concert

On Saturday July 2, 2005 performances by over 150+ bands and 1200+ music artists in 10 different cities was broadcast on 182 television networks and 2,000 radio networks around the globe to try to help end poverty in Africa.



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